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Turkey & Finland - Partners in Tango

The “Turkey & Finland - Partners in Tango” events which I organized on behalf of the Embassy of Finland in Turkey in 2006 were a big success.

Thousands of people attended the five-hour-long open air festival under the historical Galata Tower of Istanbul which was broadcast by CNN-Türk a few days later. 

Later dinner balls took place in the Ankara Sheraton and Izmir Crowne Plaza hotels. 

Excerpt from the press release:

Finnish tango has an interesting history. The Embassy of Finland wants to introduce this tradition of the Fİnnish people to Turkey and aims to bring together Turkish and Finnish tango lovers.

Not much is known about the social dimensions and the role of tango in the Finnish culture. With its tango songs sung by young and old, with its tango queens and kings chosen every year and ıts annual tango festival, where tens of thousands dance in the streets, Finland is the second country after Argentinia, which holds up the tango tradition in today’s world.

The roads of Turkey and Finland cross together not only in the similarity of their languages, but also in tango. Well aware of this, the Embassy of Finland in Ankara plans to hold an open air festival in Istanbul and concerts in Ankara and Izmir, to celebrate the EU presidency of Finland in the second half of 2006.


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