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The King of Germany

“The King of Germany” was sung by the German hip hop artist Eko Fresh of Turkish origin. His song, which has become a hit in recent years, reflects the situation of the third generation of Turks in Germany from an ironical point of view. Eko Fresh belongs to the group of German-Turks who have “made it”, like the politician Cem Özdemir, the upcoming chairman of the Greens. “Turkey on the Move”s episode about the never ending Germany adventure of the Turks focuses especially on stories about success.

Asked in an interview if there is a place on earth which she wouldn’t recommend to visiting Martians, the internationally renowned German-Turkish actress Nursel Köse answers “Castrop-Rauxel”.  The team pursues her embarassing encounter with the mayor and people of this small former mining town in the Ruhr area and  discovers how migrants from different backgrounds and the Germans manage to get along together in this small cosmos; among them, the double migrant Stella Ananiadou, whose parents had to migrate from their home towns in Anatolia in the 1920’s to Greece and who herself lives in Germany since the 1960’s.

Back in Istanbul we meet so-called “retuırnees”, young and intelligent German-Turks employed by German companies; but also, hundreds of young Turks eager to learn German, which is now compulsory, for persons who want to wander out to Germany.


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