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May Be One Day in Life

“May Be One Day in Life” is a line from “Resimdeki Göyaşları” / “The Tears on the Picture” which is probably the most covered rock song in Turkey. It was first interpreted by the late Cem Karaca and can be compared to Rolling Stone’s “Satisfaction” in Turkish popular culture. Composer Mehmet Soyarslan, who accompanied rock legend Cem Karaca in the sixties, reflects how they recorded “May Be One Day in Life” in Cologne - Germany in 1967. Apparently, before they even reached the booked studio, German co-musicians had recorded female background vocals who were not in the original score. The “heey paa” parts later become the song’s chorus.

Harun Tekin, singer of the band “Mor ve Ötesi” complains that the new rock generation was not aware of such details about rock veterans due to a loophole in Turkish rock history, a time segment which was “run over by military tanks”, meaning the 1980 military coups.  While Harun Tekin reflects about contemporary rock music in Turkey today, Taner Öngür, bass player of the “Moğollar”, tells about “Anatolian pop” during the sixties and seventies. 

Moreover, this documentary focusses on artists of the younger rock generation like Teoman, Duman, Aylim Aslın, Athena, with footage from their rehearsals and concerts. There are also live performances by veteran artists like Erkin Koray and “Moğollar” or “The Mongolians”, one of the pioneer bands in Turkish rock music and in business for the last 40 years.


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