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Roland Schilling, the Acting Representative in Turkey of the UN High Commissioner of Refugees, says that despite its problems, Turkey has become extremely attractive to the citizens of underdeveloped countries, war victims, etc. that are in search of better economic conditions. Murat Belge, one of our bus riders and a prolific writer, describes Turkey’s situation more ironically: “Before there were Black Turks, now there are Blacks who aren’t Turks”, since it was only a few years ago, when “our own” political refugees had to flee Turkey to Europe due to political persecution.

This episode seeks to awake awareness for the tens of thousands of persecuted people from Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and many African countries, burdened with tragical destinies and fear, who are now living in or transiting Turkey. It draws attention to the fact that the profile of the “typical” refugee has changed. Not only political dissenters have to leave their homelands, but also homosexuals or even musicians like the members of Acrassicauda, a heavy metal band from Baghdad.

One of the highlights is an ode to the late rock singer Cem Karaca, who composed a Nazim Hikmet poem about the state of  being physically and psychologically exhausted in exile. Both prominent artists have had to flee Turkey at some stage of their lives due to persecution. Nazim Hikmet died abroad. His grave is still outside the country.


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